Faster 60foot time?

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Post by ian.stewart » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:12 pm

kev_the_mole wrote:Ian,

what's your technique from first to second. Speaking with an old-skool racer last night he reckoned that get it moving in first and then slam into second. No point in maxxing it in first otherwise you just get more wheelspin.



PS This year I've got 888R SG's
Trial and error mate, I have been known to launch riding the clutch, and looking at the amount of clutch dust I get around the engine bay, I might ride it more than I realise,
1st to 2nd------ hard as I can shift, looking at vids of the car launching, it seems to run to the right and haze the tires thru both gears, I do have the suspension built for launches, quite soft shocks, seems to work well

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Ian Anderson
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Post by Ian Anderson » Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:57 pm

Waaaaaayyyy back I raced formula V

Slightly different power range and you could bog the motor down if not in the right rev range

Start of race was
5 second board
Count down to 2 seconds in your head
Floor the loud pedal (foot on clutch) engine hits 10 000 rpm
Flag starts to move move clutch foot to left releasing clutch
Engine revs drop to about 7000 then whels loose traction immediately hits about 10000rpm - crash helmet arraches itself forcibly to toll over bar (no padding back then)
Pull back on gearstick for 2nd (foot still hard on floor and no clutch)
Engine revs drop momentarally to 6500 then hit 10000 again
When crash helmet can be pulled back off roll bar acceleration is dropping off - clutch and 3rd

At 10000 in2nd wheels probably doing 65mph car doing less than 30!

But it was all about keeping the revs up and getting slip elsewhere. With higher torque engines the engines tend not to bog down so easily

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