PROUD To Have The Following Companies Advertising On The Forum.
Ms efi and ignition ecu kits for the trusty V8 by Phil Ringwood
The forums official Insurance company.

10mm made to measure leads for ANY V8,


As most of you know the v8 forum is constanly growing in size thanks to all you members.
As many of you know towards the end of 2006 we faced closing the forum down due to losing the forum host sponsor, BUT i with the help of a few members (Katanaman, Alley Kat and Nick) decided to go it alone and sort out our own hosting package for the forum,
So to ASSIST with forum cost we introduced these TWO 'optional' features,

Feature 1 Subscription:
Donate £12.00 to become a 'Gold Member' for 12 months.
You will get a Gold Member logo under your name to state that you have supported the Forum for the year.
And have access to the gold members area. (private chat), and qualify for discounted insurance from Graham Sykes Insurance (updated gold members sent to GSI to eliminate false discounted insurance)

Payment Details:
V8 Forum Username:

You can cancel your gold membership renewal anytime by clicking here:

The membership renewal will renew every year until YOU cancel it via the unsubscribe button above.,
You are responsible for cancelling as its done through your own paypal account....

You agreed to this renewal by coming to this payment page to set up the gold membership account,
And have read above that you are responsible for cancelling,
So please can the members stop messaging me with abuse that a payment has come out of there account the following year..

If you do not want to do another year as a gold member your title after the renewal date will change to contributor to show you have supported the forum, BUT please say if you no longer wish to be Gold

Feature 2 Donation:
If you dont want to do the subscription offer to the forum,
then you can do a one off donation (no fixed amount) and get the Contributor logo under your name instead.

You can sign up by clicking the Paypal Donation Button link above.
Please mail me after you have donated stating your fourm username and also if its a donation or the subscription option,

Id like to stress that ALL PAYMENTS MADE BY YOU THE MEMBERS is purely voluntary your donations etc are helping SUPPORT the forum and YOU ARE NOT actually paying for a service in any form or fashion,

all DONATIONS ARE MADE purely down to YOU likeing the forum and want to donate.

Any donations made are gratefully received,

Thanks for all your Support.....

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