intake air temperature sensor fitting

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intake air temperature sensor fitting

Post by nismoit »

Good afternoon, 4.6 GEMS V8 with cold air intake and canems ECU.

Looking for the correct place to fit air temperature sensor (bosch NTC), i was thinking about drill and tap it directly into intake plenum (after the throttle body) to have the most correct temperature reading before air enters into engine, but i've some doubt about:
- reading problems due to air turbolence into plenum;
- reading problem due to the fact that the sensor will be screwed in very hot aluminium plenum (as i know, those sensors are normally fitted in plastic air boxes of hoses)


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Re: intake air temperature sensor fitting

Post by DaveEFI »

IIRC, they are normally fitted to the AFM - either flapper or hotwire - on our engines. For the reasons you give - if fitted on the engine, might get an incorrect reading due to heat soak, etc.

On my SD1, I replaced the flapper with a plain tube, with provision for the ATS in that. Seems to work just fine there.
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