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Megasquirt Settings

Post by gd302 »

I wondered is it possible for those with Megasquirt on a 3.9 to post up some settings, particularly the start up settings.
Im particularly interested in cranking pulse and after start enrichments as im finding this bit of the tuning quite hard.
Im running Ms2 which has the cranking pulse in % rather than ms.

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Re: Megasquirt Settings

Post by richardpope50 »

I would asy no. I spent weeks trying to get my MS2 unit correctly programmed and I too just wanted a basic map / setting to get the engine started. My supplier was totally useless and would not help at all saying it was up to me what I wanted. Eventually I got help via the MS forum from a great bloke in the USA. Worked first time after that.
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Re: Megasquirt Settings

Post by garrycol »

Each time I have asked for an initial map on a couple of forums I was told no - I have to do my own. MSers seem loath to share this sort of thing.

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Re: Megasquirt Settings

Post by DaveEFI »

Trouble is most engines fitted with MS may not be standard. And the base tune supplied with MS won't be a million miles out, and on the safe side. If you make absolutely sure your req_fuel is correct, and use the VE table generator in TS based on your actual engine figures, all that should be needed after is slight tweaks. If you start off with an ignition map based on the figures given in the BL manual.
Basically, if DIYing, you do need to RTFM. Or leave it all to an expert (v expensive, if you can even find one)

Rather than ask for a tune, you could post yours on the MS forum, and ask where it looks wrong, as regards your problem. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful people there. (I'm not an expert on tuning, but do have quite a bit of experience fixing hardware faults on MS)

I've got quite a collection of RV8 tunes here got from various sources, and are all different. :D

If it helps, the cranking pulse width on my 3.5 is 10.6ms at 5.4C
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