Hi From New Zealand

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Hi From New Zealand

Post by Mc Tool » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:26 am

Firstly, I couldn't care less about cricket or rugby :wink:
here's the history. I have been a Rover v8 fan since 1997, bought a mk2 escort , bought an early block 3.5 , did it up ( details if you want ) fitted it to the escort .....made exhausts, new X member / engine mounts , gearbox mount, fitted 5 speed w 57 Toyota gearbox , made clutch fork, then moved from Invercargill to Nelson in 2001 , dallied about till 2009 , rode my Ducati into the back of a car at 80mph ( spectacular X rays if ya want ) , sold the car kept the motor /box , mostly because I was to banged up to consider finishing the project but couldn't bare ( bear? ) to part with the motor. The I got a mk3 Capri and the notion of a light weight classic v8 , you know , big chrome air filter in the middle came nagging at me again . I did get the engine into crapi without chopping anything off it ,made another set of headers ( 3 sets now :roll: ) more engine mounts , nother gearbox mount and another sump and that's sorta where Im at now . The 5 speed is history as soon I have to get my right leg chopped off mid thigh which is going to leave me a bit short on feet to drive a manual so I have a ZF 4hp22 trans , a range rover bell housing ect. I have just bought a 3.9 fuel injection set up with a Meggasquirt ( NZ made programmable ECU for efi and ignition ) and there things have ground to a halt . I dunno much about the Rover efi set up and this set up didn't come with a wiring harness. I believe it should be as simple as removing the stock ecu ( which I don't have ) and plugging in the meggasquirt and off we go . The mega squirt comes with a base line setting for the Rv8 . At this stage Im looking for a good engine harness diagram so I can figure out which harness I need to buy. This thing doesn't use an air flow meter but does need the rest of the sensors . Soooooo any hints or advice will be greatly appreciated . I don't plan to get what I want and leave , I have some good skills and experience and sure am willing to help if I can. I started work as a mechanic in the RNZAF , left there in 1980 ( got kicked out :D ) did a motorcycle apprenticeship , , worked for Avery scales ,then did a home appliance apprenticeship , moved up that ladder to a regional service manager for a nation wide company ( F&P ) and then had the crash , actually rode over the brow of a humpty hill to find some old boy reversing back up the other side in my lane and slammed into him , havnt worked since and now injuries received at that time necessitate the leg choppy offy bit :( .I have built and repaired all my motors large and small, and some for friends ,am good at electrix but not so hot on electronics, dabbled in gunsmithing ( mostly buying sad fire arms and fixing them up and selling on ), keen fishing and hunting, much as I can.
Looking forward to participating

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Re: Hi From New Zealand

Post by DaveEFI » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:02 am

Loads of RV8 with MegaSquirt. I have one. Which MegaSquirt version? I dunno if they do a plug and play version for your injection, so you many have to change the connector from loom to ECU. But starting out with a factory engine loom will save you time and money.
One things that is pretty essential with MegaSquirt is to fit a wideband O2 sensor. Makes tuning very much easier.

I could send you my CAD drawing of my wiring diagram for MS2 which would be a good starting point, which works with the free Draftsight, so you could modify it to what you need.
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