Mgb v8 rad

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Mgb v8 rad

Post by Llohcins » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:09 pm

Hi all,

I'm looking for a radiator for my Mgb which I have put a rover 3.5 v8 in. The engine has been modified with a piper 270 cam and sd1 vitesse heads and rv8 exhaust manifolds. Not uprated the cars yet as funds are very low.

My question is with regards to the radiator. Are there any other vehicle radiators that would fit in and provide the extra cooling capability for not much money?

My alternatives are an eBay (probably Chinese made) ally rad for less than £200 or a fancy out of budget English made ally rad.

Are the cheaper ally ones any good or is there even better a cheap alternative that I could squeeze in?


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Post by mike-b » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:19 pm

Hi, With regards to a cheaper ally rad I fitted an ally rad for the Nissan 180/200 complete with ally shroud and two 12-inch fans, this is a 3-core rad and works very well. The fans rarely get switched on via its auto temp control system that I put to it.
The unit was bought brand new in the UK but made in China and looks sturdy, all the welds are in first class condition and I am pleased with the product and the results. The price of £150 with shroud & fansl is far cheaper than (say) a UK made item, however it does what it was designed to do so why should I pay for the dearer UK priced item?
A point to note though, I have the space available for this wider rad than the Rover V8 rad with its two coolers for auto `box and engine oil. This rad is also higher by about 1.5 inch.
I have read a document a MGB club member wrote about keeping his V8 cool in his MGB. The crux of the matter was ( as he noted ) the water pump was circulating coolant through the inlet manifold, out the back into the heater and returned to the pump via the pipe fitted under the manifold. He noted that if the return pipe from the heater was joined to the top rad hose instead of the pump the engine ran cooler. The original pump connection being blanked off via some heater hose and a 16mm bolt in the end.
This may well be your answer and would be a far cheaper way of keeping your engine cooler ..... worth a try at least.
Mike B Drives a 1984 Mk2 Granada ghia V8.

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