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New member (MGB)

Post by Ottodesmo »

Hi all,

Happy new year! This year I’ll be converting my MGB LE to a 3.9. The car has been in my family for 34 years and I have been caring for it since 10 years. I love the car but hate the heavy, low power and leaky cast iron 1800 so will get rid of it this winter. Currently busy on rebuilding a Rover 3.9 that will need to be fitted soon! Will keep you all posted.


Otto (Amsterdam)

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Ian Anderson
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Re: New member (MGB)

Post by Ian Anderson »

Welcome to this madhouse and Happy New Year.

Sounds like a great project and no doubt you will be given answers to numerous questions by this knowledgable group

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Re: New member (MGB)

Post by ChrisJC »

It will certainly go better with the 3.9 V8 in there.

I am sure you've realised that it is a very tight fit, and there are a lot of special parts needed to squeeze it in.

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