cr & conrod bolts

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cr & conrod bolts

Post by JP. » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:15 pm

3.5 SD1 block & heads with P6 pistons and composite gaskets is it about 9.75cr am I rigth ??
10.5 pistons with SD1 wil reduce to about 10.25.... composite gaskets will reduce about 0.5 to 9.75cr am I right??

Conrod bolts which one are best. Have two scraped 11A SD1 blocks which had dot and the other one circle. The P6 block I scrapped had a slot.

The conrods that came out the P6 block had the small machined pad. Both SD1 block conrods had the longer machined pad.

According to David Hardcastle book, P6 had no machined pad and dot on bolts..... I am confused now.

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