Camshaft Advice please...

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Camshaft Advice please...

Post by Captainbeaky » Wed Jan 29, 2020 7:48 pm

Hi All,

I'm building up the 4.0 GEMS engine in my defender 90 (50th anniversary)
it's going out to 4.6, with approx 9.7;1 CR, my big valve gas flowed heads on it.
The heads came off a 4.6 hotwire in a RRC built by Lund with an LE1 camshaft on it.
I liked the setup in the RRC, but always felt like it could do with a little more top-end pull.

What are peoples recommendations?
I recently built a standard 4.6 THOR with a Kent Hi-torque cam, and it was very nice, and ideal for the Discovery 2 it was fitted in, but the defender will be a lot lighter, so would stand less low-down torque.

What do people think of Kent h200, Viper "Stump puller" (if it's available for GEMS), piperbp270.

Would the H214 or piper 285 be a bit too much do you think?

ideas please..


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Re: Camshaft Advice please...

Post by Rossco » Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:38 am


Just to add a wild card my choice would be ... 0-cid.html

Like you say you can afford to lose a little bottom end in exchange for more power where you spend most of your time.....mid range and above.

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