R034 blower ?bhp?

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R034 blower ?bhp?

Post by bmwcapri » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:00 pm

Howdy folks, have had an R034 knocking around the garage for years, the lobes are in quite good nic.

I was going to put it on my Capri. I've set the CR and the injector size to cope with up to 8psi and have been running the engine in n/a since it was rebuilt. Now the time has come to mount a blower i am umming & ahhing about whether to use the old Wade or a more modern Eaton M112 i have.

The flow chart for the R034 shows it pushing a maximum around 480cfm at 5000rpm, which on this engine (bmw m60b30 v8) might equate to 1.5bhp per cfm.

I know the Wade is a bit of an antique, and that the iron/brass timing gears are a weak point - although it might be possible to replace them with new steel gears, & i'd be willing to go to the effort of upgrading it if 300bhp was a realistic target on a modern Efi 4-valver

Can anyone tell me what bhp they have wrung out of an R034 equipped motor?


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