New PB for the MG today

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Post by mgbv8 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:14 pm

stevieturbo wrote:Was it really worth lifting off the gas ? Looked like you could have held it on just fine ? Was only one wheel after all...although maybe feels a lot more inside the car ?

And what tyre pressures ? When I used mine, my tyres looked almost flat ( although guess they were at near 10psi lol )

Although TBH, not really sure tyre pressures made a huge difference. Had tried various from 10-25psi ( hot )
Although usually ran in the 12-15psi range.
I didnt lift off on purpose Stevie. I had lashed the nitrous to a button in my left hand. So i was holding the shifter with two fingers and as the gas hit the car shifted to the right and as I corrected the steering i let the button go by mistake. I'm happy with the small amount of air under the front tyre now. It used to lift the front left about 8" with the other one about 2" off the deck. Now it seems to stick to the ground a bit better with the rear suspension strapped down a bit better. I've found the sweet spot with the tyre for the time being at 12psi cold.
Next time out I'll do a burnout and then get jason to quickly check tyre pressures to see if they have gone up at all?

I did try then down at 10psi and 9psi and they seemed to hook up ok. But i found the car wandered from the back end at high speed near the finsish line. It just felt like badly worn steering?


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Post by stevieturbo » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:33 pm

I'd usually just check the tyres after a run, that's warm and they generally seem to be consistent after that.

Wouldnt bother at the actual start line.

As for the wandering, first time I experienced that was with the ET Streets, ie crossplys.

They wobbled the whole way up the track. That isnt a pressure thing so much as just the tyre itself.
Ive run the drag radials from both Hoosier and MT, and even at low pressures they feel nothing like the crossply tyres.

Strange at first, but it isnt going to go anywhere.

Whilst it doesnt compare to a prepped surface. Out of MT DR, MT ET Street and Hoosier DR, on a normal airfield surface the Hoosiers are most definitely the grippiest.
Also by far the softest rubber. They really dont need a burnout at all, other than maybe just to clean them a little.

Ive never used them at Santa Pod yet though....maybe some day, just got a brand new set there a few weeks ago ( ouch )
9.85 @ 144.75mph
202mph standing mile

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