1UZ-FE Conrods

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1UZ-FE Conrods

Post by Meccano »

Hi Guys,

I was recommended this place by my brother, after my spectacular fail at the first hurdle.
I brought a set of rods from a early 1uz, in a mad ebay purchase.
Now they have arrived and i've inspected them, they are showing alot of dark discolouration that to me look like they have come from and engine with spun shells. The markings look quite bad int he photos, but running my nail over them i cant feel any imperfections.

My thoughts are they are from a spun engine an been machined back as much as possible, but still showing heat marks or they were caught early.
They also seem to have honing marks and numbering which would make me think they have been worked on.

I'm trying to find how ( either buy the tools or take to my local machine shop) i can measure them to check for roundness, or see if they are over size, but would much appreciate any input.

At the moment im tryign to decide if should send them back or not.

Ive attached pictures of the worst looking one.



Mc Tool
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Helpful or Confused
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Re: 1UZ-FE Conrods

Post by Mc Tool »

Going by your description and the pix , Id say that rod is pretty much exactly what I would expect to get. The numbers are always there in one form or another ,some are stamped on ,some are like yours. They are there so you can keep the correct cap the right way round (numbers always go together as per pic)on each rod ,and to tell you which cylinder they go with. The hone marks are factory ,thats how they size them ,same as honing a cylinder bore . Try cleaning the rods in degreaser , the marks might require a light rub with fine steel wool, and as for the discolouration ,again normal ,probly been heat treated . I would get new rod bolts after your engine shop has checked the rods for size and straightness.
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