Kiwi dreamer... What would you do?

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Kiwi dreamer... What would you do?

Post by JohnnyP »

I've ownd a 1998 Rangerover 4.6HSE form new. Now at 200,000 km's its time to rebuild the engine. The frost plugs in the bell housing are weeping so it's an 'engine out' project.


Why not breathe on the motor whilst it's out? Why not take the CC up to 5L? But which way is best? Increase the stroke to 90mm or increase the bore? Or both?

I'm gonna put a torquey cam in it and some high compression pistons. So tell me.... What would you do?

Johnny P Invercargill, NZ

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Re: Kiwi dreamer... What would you do?

Post by ChrisJC »

It's very hard to increase the bore above 94mm. Even at 94mm, the blocks crack with boring regularity. 96 is the absolute max, and people do offer that, but it's getting very fine.

Stroking is more possible.

I would get one of the various books on the subject. There are a couple by David Hardcastle, and I believe there's another one come out recently.

They make great reading whilst imagining your next engine build!!

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Re: Kiwi dreamer... What would you do?

Post by Prophead »

How much do you want to spend?

That aside:-
- use the pistons from a 4ltr eng for higher CR
- uprated cam but make sure its suitable for a heavy 4x4 not a 2wd sports car
- Stage 3 head work or if you have the spare readies a set or Merlin or Wildcat heads
- Exhaust system tuned for the new power
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Re: Kiwi dreamer... What would you do?

Post by Rossco »


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