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Post by 30EK42 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:28 pm

My user name is the military registration of my 1963 ex MOD Land Rover.
I'm not really into military vehicles, but this one came along as a basket case for the right price.

Now as it's already been chopped and changed all over the place, restoring it back to its original former glory neither interests me, nor is economically viable.

So I'm sort of building it up as a "bitsa" with a Rover V8 thrown in to liven things up a little.
I've avoided getting involved with the V8 Rover lump for years, the apparently endless changes that Rover/Land Rover made to the engine put me off TBH.

But now that I've actually taken the plunge and bought a V8 conversion (to series Land Rover) kit and a couple of V8 engines, I'm finding things much easier than I had imagined.
I'm sort of kicking myself for not getting stuck in years ago.

Unlike most people who fit V8s to old Land Rovers, I'd much prefer fuel injection to a worn out set of old carbs.
I'm on a pretty steep V8 learning curve at the moment, so please excuse me if I ask some pretty daft questions.

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Re: 30EK42

Post by ChrisJC » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:47 am

Welcome along. There's a few Landie people about.

Series IIA 4.6 V8
R/R P38 4.6 V8

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