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Post by OldeBuick » Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:00 pm

Hi, I'm 72 years old and have been a Buick fan as far back as I can remember. I used to help build 215's for SCCA racing. We used to cut new mains for the 3 center caps so that we could put in a splayed cap to have 4 bolts on those and would machine a girdle to hold the sides together. The sleeves were cut out of the block and resleeved to a 3.7" bore and the crank was destroked to give us a 2.0L engine. We used the Olds block but the Buick heads. The cams were special grinds by Edelbrock and solid lifter. All distributors had mechanical advance dual points and the oil pump was reworked.

I'm currently building an old school 215 with the 300 crank, Chevy pistons and rods, Pertronix II ignition, TA Performance heads with shaft mount roller rockers, TA Performance electric fuel pump, TA Performance front cover with reworked High flow and pressure oil pump. The cam is a Crower Performance Level 4 solid lifter, and to start with I'm using and Offy 2x2G's carb manifold but expect to upgrade to a crossram EFI system once the manifolds become available again. I am having some hold downs plasma cut to hold the valley cover to the heads and redrawing the girdle in CAD to have one made as I only have the stock main caps on this block. I got the block from the machine shop when they closed but it didn't have the reworked inner 3 main caps (cost today would be too much). I have reworked a 215 flex plate and made an adapter for the end of the crank to accept a flex plate for a rebuilt 2004r that is supposed to be able to handle 500 hp and torque. I doubt I'll reach those numbers. This will be feed into an S10 rear axle with 3.73 posi gears mounted with a triangulated 4 link setup with coilovers. The front end will be a Mustang II suspension with coilovers and disk brakes all round.

I had always planned on doing this when I had my Opel GT but Marine Corps, marriage and kids came up. I was able to pick up an Opel shell about 12 years ago when the shop called and asked if I wanted the block. Then came some major health setbacks which put the project on hold. I am now back at it but am unable to do much heavy lifting anymore so I've been farming out work as funds are available (or volunteers show up). I hope to finish the engine by the summer of 2019 and the body by the fall. Target weight for the car sans me is 1800 pounds.

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Post by Coops » Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:38 pm

welcome to the mad house mate :lol:
Regards Tony C (COOPS)
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