Rover V8 race parts

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Rover V8 race parts

Post by x.l.r.8 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:01 am

Rover V8 engine or parts for sale.
Let’s start with the block. 93.5mm non stiff block, lightened rods. JE pistons, lightened crank. ARP studs.
Cam is a one off, yes truely, it runs the same profile as the Yamaha F1 engine by principle not design.

Heads are again one off race items. I’ll take some pictures of them, they flowed the same as the wildcat heads. They are built with roller rockers. I wish I could remember the exact spec but it was a long time ago, you cannot get larger valves or bigger more efficient flowing heads without going to wildcat race items.

Inlet manifold, Harcourt naturally, has been repaired from an engine explosion that cracked the front water casting. (Not mine thankfully)

93.5mm block with matching pistons, I got it as a spare block once I was running 10’s but the block I have has been faultless.

Yes these are the original JE blocks that became the 4.0 engines. The engine was running in rover challenge in a red Porsche for anyone who can remember that far back. I’m in Canada and will work with you on posting the stuff back. There is no market for Rover stuff here and I’m going in a totally different direction.

Yes it's a Porsche and yes, it should sound like that!

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