V8 Mk2 Cortina finally going ahead.

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V8 Mk2 Cortina finally going ahead.

Post by Rob1 »

Hi everyone!
Well, I'm FINALLY getting some progress on my Mk2 Cortina v8 conversion, so I thought I'd stop lurking and start posting. Car is a really good shell that I am the second owner of. It's been dormant in my shed disassembled for paint for nearly 10 years, and late last year I bit the bullet to start a build I've been thinking about for some time.
The build plan is a 100% legal (for my location) cruiser and the local engineer has stated a few things they want to pass it - but not insurmountable, so off I go. I'm hoping to keep the original bench seat and column auto, and to make the build look as factory as possible.
The first 'real' job I'm tackling (I have a bunch of ideas in my head for problems I'll encounter) is the physical placement of the engine. I didn't have to cut out as much of the tunnel as I expected, the v8 BW66 I'm using isn't much larger than the 4cyl BW35 that was in there - so all the modifications are under the dash (yay!). I'm no welder, so I asked a favour of a contact and he came through in style.
I'd like to post some pics but it will only allow me to insert a url...?

Anyway, if there's interest in my build I'll keep you all up to date.

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Re: V8 Mk2 Cortina finally going ahead.

Post by scudderfish »

Awesome! Where in the world are you? Please post lots of pictures, and good luck!

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Re: V8 Mk2 Cortina finally going ahead.

Post by Coops »

Regards Tony C (COOPS)
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Re: V8 Mk2 Cortina finally going ahead.

Post by demo2 »

The mention of an engineer makes me hazard a guess he's in OZ,

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