Skyline R32 1UZFE

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Re: Skyline R32 1UZFE

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Project is practically complete, mechanically, apart from a custom propshaft and the wastegate exhausts. I've recently had a nightmare with the R324 front end as the kit was stored in the loft for 18 months after being painted and it warped horribly, so the fit is terrible. Pretty much sorted that though. I've also had a lot of oil leaks and two fuel leaks, so been chasing those down.

I've rewired it from scratch but unfortunately nothing works and I don't know what is wrong. It's been like that for almost a year sadly.

Added to the fact the race series I wanted to compete in changed the licence rules, so I would now need a National A to compete rather than National B, and my Disco blew up, I'm unlikely to get it tracked.

RIP MGB V8 .... served me well as a learning curve.

R32 Skyline V8 .... this one is gonna be a monster!

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