NEW Product - Corsa PSA Speed Related Controller

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NEW Product - Corsa PSA Speed Related Controller

Post by daxtojeiro » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:41 pm

Just wanted to tell you all that we have developed a new toy for you all.

This controls the steering assistance given by the Corsa B or C ECU depending on the Vehicle Speed.

The Corsa EPS Speed Unit can convert your vehicles existing speed pulses into a signal that the Corsa (B or C) ECU expects to see. This gives the EPS ECU the ability to run different assistant levels depending on the vehicle speed:

<15MPH High Power Assistance

15-35MPH Medium Power Assistance

>35MPH Low Power Assistance

To do this the Speed Unit needs a 5 to 12V pulse from your speed sensor, so it would need either a proximity sensor, or a hall sensor that detects a bolt, toothed wheel, etc. If you have a VR sensor (abs style) then this needs converting to a 12V pulse before it can feed the Torque Controller Unit.

For more details see here:

Image SuperCharged 5325cc V8 Cobra Replica (Full sequential Fuel and Ignition MS3 management)

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