Hard to start

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Helpful or Confused
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Hard to start

Post by texpis »

Hi all a couple of problems with my LPG set up and would appreciate some advice.
The engine is a 4.2 rover V8 on twin SUs freshly installed runs okay on petrol al being a bit rich probably because the needles are worn.

LPG is an open loop OMVl R90 vaporiser.

Ignition is megajolt running on a standard petrol map.

I have a old analog air fuel ratio meter that I can use whilst driving to see the state of tune. I have been tuning it to stoich on tick over with the bypass at about 2 turns out and using the diaphragm adjustment then adjusting the in line valve to tune in whilst driving.

2 problems one is starting if it stalls which when offloading happens its a pig to start it spins over for about 30 secs or more before begrudgingly starting this is not good on the side of a dodgy hill :-) The other problem is if I connect the raised air intake the revs go through the roof. If I the tune it with the snorkel on it stalls at junctions.

Any suggestions would be good thanks

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