LPG is it on its was out?

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LPG is it on its was out?

Post by Haggisbiker »

Hi thought I would start a bit of a debate on LPG and how it feels like it's on its way out!

I have LPG on my two P38's, my 300c Hemi and Jeep Cherokee now at one point you could get a grant to help with the cost of installation and conversion now it seems like you struggle to find a garage selling LPG!

Just this weekend we went to Newcastle and the amount of garages on the way that either stopped selling LPG, had pump issues or in one case had ran out made the journey into a hunt for LPG event!

Up here my local station isint quite that local but on one side it's 70 odd pence a litre and the other side 80 odd pence a litre but at an Asda 50 miles away it's 50 odd pence...so part one of my solution was to buy an ex garage tank and pump unit that has a certificate for the tank...now its a struggle to get the tank filled...best offer is one company can do it but want my local price per litre so that would be 75p a litre times 2000 litres.

My second part was to install twin tanks on my daily driver as 20mpg at best soon eats up the 60 litres of LPG then it's a 30 mile round trip to get more, however with finding LPG getting harder the twin tank install is on hold.

I think that the government go on about being green and we all need to do our bit...now like most here I love V8's and perhaps some see these as being gas guzzlers but for us running these as daily drivers and trying to keep them going the lack of support to encourage filling stations to stock LPG is so poor, it's like the government started with good intentions but like most things they do waned along the way.

I was in Belgium and Germany one Xmas for a holiday and took my heavily modded P38 and it struggles to make much above 15mpg but it was a pleasure...no issues getting LPG and at a fraction of the price here...in fact at one pump I thought it was broken because of the price on the pump after filling..but the litre meter confirmed it had filled my tank, chatting to the girl on the counter she couldn't believe the prices for LPG here in the UK.

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Re: LPG is it on its was out?

Post by ChrisJC »

I've wondered that myself. I think the government realised that the only people doing conversions were people with big thirsty cars, and they don't like them anyway!

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