Thor RV8 - Fuel Injectors

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Thor RV8 - Fuel Injectors

Post by garrycol » Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:44 am

I am at the stage of sorting the induction system for my standard Thor 4.6.

I have 16 standard green Bosch Injectors from the Thor system and have been cleaning them up and testing using a the main method shown on various Youtube vids. These vids show basic cleaning using brake or carby cleaner being inserted under pressure from the can and power to the injector.

I have been through this process and have selected the best 8 - however the spray patterns are not good and different for all injectors. Each injector has 4 nozzle holes and on each nozzle holes has some blockage or blocked, so the spray pattern is not perfect nor the same for each injector.

The injectors have been soaked in carby cleaner for 24 hours and the last thing I will try is to reverse flush the injectors the same way as before but providing the pressurized carby cleaner to the squirter end of the injector so hopefully reverse fushing the injector when power is applied.

Now I have priced the cost of getting the injectors sonically cleaned and the cost really is not a lot cheaper that buying new injectors.

So before looking at new injectors, does anyone have any other suggestions so that I can unblock nozzle holes get my current injectors to provide a decent spray pattern.



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