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Rocker Covers

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Hi, first post after joining but used the site for many years as a great source of info.

Decided to refresh one of my engines with refurbished rocker covers.
Current covers are the rounded Range Rover type - the engine has no number but Has the longer reach spark plugs. (I’ve not checked the depth of plug hole to be sure that is the right plug but been running the engine for 5 years)

The newer covers are the square top type but I can’t get them to fit due to a casting round the front valves fouling the cover even when I take off the splash plate inside the cover that isn’t on the rounded covers.
None of the pictures I’ve turned up show anything other than identical “exposed” valve springs.
Stupidly didn’t take a picture before replacing the cover.
Anyone recognise my description of the head and know what it might have been fitted to originally?

Thanks in advance

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