Stepper operation Megasquirt 2

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Stepper operation Megasquirt 2

Post by gd302 »

Im having a hard time trying to work out what my stepper is doing on My Megasquirt 2 install on a Tvr Chimaera 400.(3.9)
Its the original 4 wire lucas 14 cux stepper motor.
Im using open loop warmup mode and in the test page ive confirmed the stepper moves open/closed when commanded, i removed it from the plenum to watch it.
it took 200 steps to extend it and seal off the port which i understand is normal.
Problem is the control is erratic and my adjustment graph is all over the place, i would expect the graph to work from 0 to 200 steps (full closed to open) but it does not seem to follow this. Ive tried all sorts of adjustments on the graph but im pulling my hair out now.
Ive got homing steps set at 220 so i think this is right.
Just wondered if anyone has any tips for trying to narrow down what may be happening.

1995 TVR Chimaera 400 With tweaks

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