Sticking Clutch

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Re: Sticking Clutch

Post by stevieturbo »

So possibly wrong spline and forced on ? ( and yes, I always try a plate onto the splines, you must ensure the disc is free to move prior to install ), and/or the plate on the wrong way round and fouling ?

I'd be more inclined to think the it would take an utter moron to ram a gearbox onto a completely wrong spline given how much force that is likely to take. It just seems unrealistic ( but some people manage amazing things ! lol )

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Re: Sticking Clutch

Post by jimthesail »

'Last knockings !' Bit intrigued when replacement centre plate arrived. Spline looked the same as original, wedge shaped section. Offered up to input shaft, 'perfik' ! Tried original again, entered 3mm one way and zero the other. Suspect original was under limits and would have been forced on when bell housing bolts tightened up. If the centre spline was made with a broach, it would tend to get smaller toward the end of the batch due to wear ? Moral of the tale ! Test driven plate spline on input shaft before fitting ! Also suspect that the drastic remedies for freeing a sticking clutch are simply need due to driven plate hanging up due same problem ?

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