PROUD To Have The Following Companies Advertising On The Forum.
Ms efi and ignition ecu kits for the trusty V8 by Phil Ringwood
10mm made to measure leads for ANY V8,
Dont Forget To Mention The V8 Forum As Some Of The Companies Will Offer A Discount


The V8 Forum.

The new revised forum has space available for manufacturers and suppliers of tuning and modified parts that relate to all forms of the V8 engine and associated transmissions systems.
We also have quite a few members who are running Rover, Ford, Chevrolet and Buick V8 engines. To name but a few.
Advertising on the forum at very economical rates, will give your company direct access to a captive audience of our current forum members, new members that are currently joining, and guests that require information and products.
The forum is currently receiving an average of 1603895+ hits per Month,
We currently have available space on the main forum index page, and further spaces on the individual subject matter pages.
Our advertising rates are very competitive (revised 1st May 2010), and it would be difficult not to make a profit from investing in an advertisement.
In the current difficult market conditions we are all aware that sales will suffer, so it is even more important to target the people you need to reach and maintain an acceptable level of profitability.

What is Available??
Available space is subject to not having been reserved, is the main banner on the index page and the top of every opened page, which is seen by everyone that enters the forum via any page,
This is a banner rotation system and is limited to a max of 5 banners to give equal advertising time,
this is available at £300 PA.

Banners on individual subject pages e.g. engines section forced induction section etc, are available at
PA. Per section

An entry in the handy links index at the foot of the index page are available at £50.00 PA

Payment can be made in a selection of ways:

1. Paypal.
2. Cheque/Postal Order or Cash.
3. Bank Transfer.
For additional information regarding advertising on the V8 Forum contact:
Tony Cooper - Forum Owner either by phone on 01635 280570or e-mail me Tony's Email

We look forward to you joining us on the V8 Forum.

Tony Cooper.

Online payments taken Here:

There is also available advertising space on the web site. click here:

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